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... my Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy review

... my Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy review

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Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy  

You will joyously lose a lot of sleep :)
By corinnajune on Feb 26, 2010

This drama is GREAT- it is slow the first couple of episodes, but once it takes off you seriously CAN'T stop watching. It has all the cliche drama/soap opera conventions, but this is what happens when they are treated with skill and finesse. It is well edited and well acted. Lee Seung Ki is especially good in what is apparently his first major acting role. He starts out as a character you initially despise, but through a gradual and somewhat painful process be becomes both sympathetic and funny.

You will laugh, and cry, be yelling "Oh NO she DIDN'T!" at the screen, all while falling completely in love with the characters. Even with the typical Asian drama chastity (you're lucky if you see a kiss), S.I. is still able to get your heart racing. The characters manage to have tangible chemistry without anything sexual either overt or implied- this, my friends, takes skill. Even the "evil" characters commit their nefarious deeds without resorting to physical violence.

This show is not quite perfect, but it comes very close. My main issue is with the main title theme song. I personally find it annoying and overused, not to mention that whenever it is played (especially in the opening credits), it is RIDICULOUSLY loud. My annoyance with that song is balanced out, however, by the lovely piano pieces performed by the main character's autistic brother.

I highly recommend clearing out an entire weekend to watch all 28 episodes, because once you get going, reality will be taking the back burner until you are done. You won't eat, you will lose sleep, your housemates will get a bit concerned for a while by your mad lunatic ravings at the screen... and by the end you will feel drained, drugged, and simply wonderful.

(great fan vid here- but there are spoilers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUWNJhGr9cE)

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