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... an old blog post contemplating my 'addiction' & HYD...

... an old blog post contemplating my 'addiction' & HYD...

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TOP, GD, high high

(and also a kind of/sort of review, taken from a march 2009 blog entry. it just kind of amused me so i wanted to post it here)

"it is serious. i can't stop it. it invades every aspect of my life, and is threatening to take over... DRAMA ADDICTION!

sry, this is about to get pretty random- i'm really tired haha...

one drama in particular is killing me right now- i can't stop watching! what is sad, though, is that i have already seen it multiple times. i am talking about Hana Yori Dango, and all it's many aspects. first i watched the japanese live action drama (multiple times, from beginning to end, as i forced other people to watch it too), then i watched Meteor Garden, which was taiwan's version of the same story (a few years older than the jp one, but still good), NOW i am trapped in the currently airing korean version Boys Over Flowers.

it is good. it's really good. i almost want to say it's better than the japanese one. the japanese one still wins, though, for being the most slick/stylish of all of them. but the korean version really goes farther into the characters- and into the friendships they all have with each other. i'm sure i'll go on at length about this when the drama finishes airing in korea and i finally get to finish it haha . i am up to episode 20, and i think it ends at 25 eps.

omg, somebody tell me i'm not the only wacko drama otaku out there. and that i'm not the only one who would watch every version of the same story hahaha. i really want someone else to watch all of these shows too so we can 'compare notes' .

and you know, i've been kind of a 'jdrama evangelist' with various friends... but i seem to have a harder time getting people to watch korean/taiwanese dramas, though. i don't understand why . the joy of these shows must be spread to all! i think i am going to have to start my own asian drama/ music/ sexy people review blog. or something. i don't know, i'm half asleep and rambling, sry."

man, i was a tad hyper a year and a half ago haha

btw, re-reading this now makes me want to watch boys over flowers again, good times :D

oh, and here is an excerpt from another vaguely entertaining post from around the same time (march 2009):

"ok, i just recently finished watching a very cute/silly japanese show called "mei chan no shitsuji" ("mei chan's butler")... it is CHOCK FULL OF HOT GUYS ... the hottest of course being mizushima hiro, he is very very yummy indeed...

anyway, there are so many pleasant looking men in this show that it would be ridiculous to go on about them all, but i thought the following deserved an 'honorable mention' ... here and there in the show you see the akanabe twins (ukon & sakon), personal butlers of hongo kintaro (mei's grandfather)... in real life, they are takagi manpei & takagi shinpei, 23 year old twin brothers/ actors from japan... and i HEART them ! they are soooo adorable! i want hot japanese twin butlers! but then, who wouldn't, eh ?

they wouldn't even have to be butlers... they're only job would be to lay around my house in various stages of undress, like... decorations haha. btw, i would be a fun rich woman, my house would be entirely populated by adorable guys. some people collect plants or knick knacks or pets- i'd collect decorative boys . <333 

see them here: http://fake-doppleganger.blogspot.com/2008/06/manpei-shinpei.html

anyway, happy drama watching to all!"
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